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Alright, let's see what we have today.

I'm going to warn you about following the link in this article.  The thinking of so backwards, and so full of logical fallacies that I almost got an aneurysm.  Not to even mention the leaps of judgement and total void of logic.  I think I may have already gotten a nosebleed.

It was a bad day for me, but this made me feel better:

So DC and Marvel own the copyright to the term "Superhero."  That's weird.

Need some inspiration?  Check this out:

So this of course is the big news of the day.  Because it's a man in one of the big four American sports.  Yes, it's a bit sexist, ethnocentric and rude to other professional sports, but based on reach alone, it's a big deal.  And here's the fascinating (and heartfelt and touching) behind the scenes of the article.

In case you missed it, this is the cover of "Boston" Magazine, made from shoes from runners of the marathon:

Oh happy day, you can use your XBox Kinect to order Pizza Hut.

The summer movies coming up:

That's it for now, have a great one!

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Community has always been a very important concept for me.

Throw on top of that, how much I enjoy doing community service, and I found an awesome group: Gay4Good.  Once a month we get together and give our time to a different non-profit around the city.  I did my first project with them over the weekend, and had a really good time.

A couple people asked me though, what the point of the group is.  Their reasoning is why does there have to be a specific gay community service group?  Why label it and just keep it open to everyone.  While I think there is some credence to that line of thought, I think we're at a place and time where these kind of groups are still needed, and more importantly welcomed.

I explained that for a couple reasons, I think the very idea of a group is great: one, it provides a group where we don't necessarily have to worry about being judged, not being our full selves, and can instead just pitch in together and do some community service.  Two: it's good PR for the LGBT community, you know the whole "we're not monsters, look we're doing community service!" line of thinking.

But I also think that it also helps us build community.  It goes back to the idea of a family of choice.  We can choose who we serve with and we can see the support that we have, even if it's not always as evident as we wish.

I've done a lot of community service.  A lot of much larger weekends, but it was still a lot of fun.  We all pitched in to help the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnership with a couple different projects, and aside from a few differences, it was very similar.  I felt more relaxed of course, and I found out that I have a very different definition of "clothes you don't mind getting dirty" than most others.

Next month, we're participating in the Harvey Milk International Day of Service and doing three simultaneous projects across the city (followed up by a happy hour to benefit a fourth charity), which will be fun, and once again, it looks like I'll be playing in the dirt (more landscaping).

And a fun aside, there actually was a straight guy with our group this time.  Granted, he was there for court-ordered community service, but you know, he was there working with us.

And yes, of course there is a nerd component to this.  One of the reasons I love the Myst community so much is the fact that we really are a community.  We care about each other, we know each other and we reach out to each other in so many ways.  Also, fun fact, depending on the translation from Sumarian, URU means community (or more commonly, "city").

Anyway, I'm excited to help out again as often as I can, and I'm very happy to have found a part of the LGBT community that I think I feel very comfortable and welcomed in.

All my best,


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Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, the second season of Zombies, Run! was just released.  I'm still working my way through their training program and season 1, but it really is an awesome way to get into running:

The Chicago Tribune bought the staff of The Boston Globe lunch.

Well this is pretty amazing:

A one night stand stretches into two days...because of the Boston bombings.

The Onion is coming to Amazon video, and I couldn't be more excited:

Hopefully this link works (it may or may not), but the Chicago Tribune takes a look at the state of American fantasy.

There have been some good gun control ads, I think this is one of the best:

It's a little trippy, and if you get motion sickness, it may not be for you, but a really cool video made from images from Google Earth.  Also a great way to showcase the persistence of motion.

That's it for now, have a great one!

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The Washington Post has a great profile on two gay brothers, one an Eagle Scout, the other finishing up his project and paperwork now, and their involvement in a local protest to encourage the National Capital Area Council to vote for equality.

Here's the crux of the matter:

For those who are against including gay youth in the Boy Scouts of America, they don’t see a continuum in someone’s life,” Felker said. They don’t see that little boys who think kissing anyone is gross discover only later who they want to be on the receiving end of that gesture. “What is it about that person’s character that suddenly makes them incompatible with the core values of the Boy Scouts? They didn’t change from being cute little Cub Scouts into being morally questionable adults. They’re still good guys. They still really care about the social good.”

A switch just doesn't flip making someone gay and making them suddenly lose all the positive values they've learned from the BSA, nor are the two mutually exclusive.  They never have been.

And again, it's not as if there have never been gay men and lesbians in the BSA, we've always been there, working to make the world a little better.  And we see the positive impact that the BSA has on kids, and has on adults (they learn quite a bit as well), and it's important that as part of the greater world, we're part of the BSA movement as well.

All my best,


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Alright, let's see what we have going on today.  First up, of course, thoughts go out to Boston.  I was running tonight at the gym, and not that it did a bit of difference, but it was nice to run for them.

This capped off the week with the DOMA and Prop 8 cases, and of course, it's always fun when there's alcohol involved:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

 This judge is awesome: his cell phone went off during court, so he held himself in contempt and paid the fine.

Here are instructions for making a picnic table with a built in cooler, perfect for wine or beer for a picnic.  Awesome DIY project, and I can certainly think of certain family members/friends who would love this!


A good comic:

California is moving to remove tax-exempt status from charities that discriminate based on sexual orientation or religion, which would make the BSA councils pay tax.

The Church of England slowly moves forward, suggesting that they allow same-sex blessings.  Now, to be fair, the marriage equality legislation moving through Parliament specifically outlaws same-sex matrimony in the Church of England, and the Church says matrimony itself should only be between a man and a women, so they have some room to grow.  It's weird having a state religion.

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more.

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Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, Run For Your Lives is coming up.  I did it last year as a zombie and it's a great time, if you want to join me as a zombie (or meet up afterwards at the party), let me know:

Jimmy Carter has a great essay about equality.

Robyn Miller talked about Myst at this year's GDC.  A good friend was at the talk and sent me notes right after it ended and I am forever jealous.  Forever.

I saw this on Facebook, and giggled.  You know, since I'm five:

So far, I've been as impressed as I can be with the new Pope.  He's even reached out specifically to the Church of England, and it rumored that he will be the honorary chair of the 2018 Lambeth Conference (although honestly, those are contentious enough as it is, it may cause a lot of added drama).  Guess we'll have to see what the new Archbishop of Canturbery will do as well.

The man who is Virginia's attorney general, and running for Governor, is arguing that sodomy should remain illegal in their state.  And just so you know, even though anti-sodomy laws have been struck down by the Supreme Court because they were only used to invade the privacy and prosecute the LGBT community, it technically is any non procreative sex.  Strangely, he won't answer any questions about his own sex life when asked, you know, just to see if he's complying with the laws he's fighting to keep on the books.

And lastly, awesome video showcasing music from the Legend of Zelda:

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Let's see what I've seen in the world of communication lately:

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Here we go everyone, let's see what I have today.  First up, the best news ever:

And following up in the Disney line, scary, scary anatomy drawings of their characters.

Chris Kluwe once again knocks it out of the park.  Have a read and take a look at the video where he discusses "distractions" in the locker room.

And Justice Ginsburg also created a meme during the marriage equality trials last week.  I mean, she herself didn't, as far as I know, but her quote led tho this:

That's all I have for now, but I'll be back soon with more.  Have a great one!

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So, in case you were under a rock this week, two big cases were argued before the Supreme Court.  So of course, there's all kinds of media coverage.  Here's a few select bits that hit it out of the park.

First up, John Stewart:


Secondly, Steven Colbert:


One more video, this time, more "man on the street"

And lastly, from Wil Wheaton (WHEATON!), shares one of my favorite card games ever (Cards Against Humanity) in the best manner ever (you can click to enlarge):




I'll be back with more, I've been watching a lot of analysis and clips, and it's a lot to sort through.  We'll find out in June how the Supreme Court will rule (and I have some ideas, but they're just guesses).

All my best,


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One of my two (I think it's two at this point) annual posts.

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