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Let's see what we have today. first up, this shirt sums up my relationship with running, while I'm running:

The IOC has lifted the ban on trans* athletes, which is awesome to see.

32 queer Mormon youth have killed themselves since the church unveiled their new anti-gay policies (in November).  Let me repeat that: 32 youth have killed themselves.

Orange is the New Black has been renewed through season 7!

Thanks to Adam for sending me this.  "Hamilton," via the medium of Peeps:

The best fan fiction (or is it canon since it comes from a Lucasfilm employee?): General Hux's cat.

OK Go's new zero-G music video.

The Federal Trade Commission has been asked to ban gay-conversion therapy/torture, a novel way to get this dangerous practice outlawed.

I can't vote in the primary (I'm an Independent), but I love that Mayor Fetterman is using the fact that he believes in love in a campaign ad:

Beautiful, and out of stock, leather-bound Harry Potter books, and the included bookmarks are the horcruxes!

Mika has a new video for "Hurts"

The heartbreaking trailer for the new series, Gaycation:

That's it for now, have a great day!

Let's see what we have today.  First up, the performance from the Grammy's, the opening number of "Hamilton"

Here's the video honoring Dupuis for his Dapper Dan Courage Award.

Samantha Bee proves that I should have cable:

The only other reason I want cable, is The Magicians.  Here, we see Quentin dancing to "Shake it off" trapped in his own you do.

Okay, another video, but in case you missed it, the Super Bowl halftime show, which I liked.  I really like Chris Martin's shirt!

If scientists don't name this "The Cheers Affect," then I've lost all hope.

If the character on Supernatural were on Tinder.  Hey, Sam.

Hey look, an anti-gay congressman in Grindr, who would have thought that would ever happen?  Wait, everybody?  Got it.

And finally, a T-Rex doing an American Ninja Warrior-esque workout, just because:

I'm Episcopalian.  Our church belongs to The Anglican Communion, a collection of churches around the worlds (mostly, but not entirely, former British colonies) that all work together.  We're not like the Catholic or Orthodox churches, we don't have a Pope.  The Archbishop of Canterbury acts as the default head of the Anglicans, but each church makes its own decisions.

The Primates (heads of each member church, I believe 38 in all: some represent one country, others represent many, like the Primate of South America, and the Bishop of York, because that office is kind of like second in command in Church of England), met at the ABC's request to discuss the Episcopal Church's recent adoption of same-sex matrimony.  The meeting pretty much went exactly as we'd all expect: a bunch of African Primates were upset, and the group decided to impose some de-facto sanctions on the Episcopal Church, with a few caveats.  Basically, we won't be allowed to participate in a legislative body, but we haven't been included in that for a while, since Gene Robinson was made a bishop.  The only change is that there is an end date on that now.

However, once that three year time period (as opposed to indefinitely, as it was before) comes up, I can only imagine some sort of larger schism happening.

The Primates were also going to impose these restrictions on the Anglican Church of Canada, but since they have not officially approved of same-sex matrimony through their process, nothing was done.

Those facts make me think that the Primates, even the most conservative ones, are being pragmatic about the whole thing.  They can say their hands are tied because of 'process' and 'paperwork.'  Will that three years make that much of a difference?  I don't think so, but it may buy them some time.

At the same meeting, the ACNA, the group that split off from the Diocese of Pittsburgh was there for part of the time.  They are not officially recognized by Lambeth/Canterbury, and their participation was unsettling to me, but I take most of that is due to me living in the epicenter of it all.

In the US, we just installed a new Presiding Bishop (our Primate), and he's pretty awesome.  He released a video from England about the meeting, and had pledged that we will not go backwards:

In the grand scheme of things, most members of local churches don't even think about the larger Anglican Communion.  Here in Pittsburgh, maybe things are a little different.  Or maybe I think about them because I'm gay.  Or a combination of both.  Sometimes I wish I didn't think or worry about things like this, but I know we're in good hands.  Integrity USA, the internal LGBT lobby of the Episcopal Church has a wonderful open letter, and response, to the meeting.

And of course, since this is the Internet, two friends (one I've worked with in person through Circle of Faith, the other, a true Internet friend) have posted their amazing sermons from last Sunday where they talk about the meeting.  Both are worth reading: Scott in Franklin Park, and Megan in Kansas City (Missouri, mind you).

All my best,


Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, it didn't make it to Broadway, but there was a stage version of Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame," which is my all-time favorite Disney movie.  Here is a preview of the cast recording:

And here is a clip of "Out There"

So there's all kinds of conservatives decrying Donald Trump's sustained leading in the polls.  But just remember, this is what the modern republican party has always stood for, he's just shouting it, instead of whispering and implying it.

It looks like the IOC will adopt trans*-friendly policies, not requiring surgery for athletes to compete as the gender they are.

And speaking of sports, a spin off of Ben Cohen's foundation was recently formed to help and accelerate US athletes coming out of the closet.

One of the things I'll miss the most next year will be Joe Biden no longer being VEEP.  Case in point, his blistering take down of anti-LGBT policies.

I don't know anything about Suicide Squad, but this is an awesome trailer.  The music, the editing, the colors, simply awesome:

Protect Thy Neighbor is tracking anti-LGBT laws proposed across the country.  Even though we have marriage, we still lack very basic civil rights.

One such push is for "bathroom bills."  Here's how one trans-woman describes the excruciating process of peeing.

And here's another perspective on the "Religious Freedom" bills popping up all over the place.

And a totally heartbreaking story from Australia: One man in a couple on their honeymoon dies, and Australia refuses to recognize their marriage.

Okay, that ended up pretty depressing, go watch the videos again, that will make it better!

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day!  Let's see what we have today.  First up, I've talked about it quite a bit, here's a clip from "Hamilton":

Ben Carson says that gay people are ruining life for everyone else.  Sorry, not sorry.

Sent to me by a friend, and it's totally true: 12 reasons Hufflepuffs are actually badass.  You just won't hear us say so.

Lana Wachowski is in the new campaign for Marc Jabocs and it looks so awesome and fun!

A bunch of different sects of Christianity are trying to set one common date for Easter.  Granted, they've been trying since the 10th century, but this time it might work, you guys!

Galavant is back for another season, and I'd like to thank the show for this number:

The EEOC again backs that workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation is sex discrimination, bolstering the case.

That's actually it for now, I'm trying to go through some old links and keep things manageable, so I'll be back with more soon!

Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, this.  All of this.  Stop asking these ridiculous, offensive questions:

The Oatmeal perfectly sums up my relationship with running.  Well, mine also includes zombies, but otherwise, this is it.

Remember all those flags in The Force Awakens?  They were inspired by the old Expanded Universe.

The Chronicles of Narnia are getting rebooted, with The Silver Chair.  My second-least favorite of the books, but my brother's favorite, although we're both a bit skeptical it will actually happen, but here's hoping!

A new version of EarthRise has been released by NASA:

I'm still a bit wary of the Rocky Horror reboot, but at least Tim Curry will be in it, as the criminologist narrator.

A whole bunch of private, Christian colleges accept federal funding, but then request permission to discrimination against LGBT students.

An "ex-gay therapy" company was forced to pay it's victims and then disband, a huge win in the fight against this kind of abuse.

Once again, Surviving the World hits it out of the park:

A new tumblr: Hot guys holding BB-8, because of course we need that.

A Catholic school in Massachusetts has lost its case after it rescinded a job offer to their food service director because he's gay.  Because of how the state's laws are, they are not able to discriminate, even though in most other states they are.  Still, a victory!

And as a throw-back to a retreat I ran in college, this amazing cover of "Give a Little Bit," to benefit Broadway Cares:

That's it for now, have a great one!

Each year I put together a quick video of where I went, what I did and the things and people who made me smile.  It's always a nice way to look back, and even if I'm feeling that last year was a tough year, I can still see all the awesome things that happened.  Sadly, I can't put everything in, I only have so much room, and ten minutes is quite long enough, but I hope you enjoy my third annual year in review:

Here we go, the wrap-up videos for 2015.

First up, DJ Earworm:

Facebook put together a really good video:

A lot of the same things in the Google Zeitgeist video.  The speech is great, but I'm really over Caitlyn Jenner and her constant disparaging remarks and inexplicable republican-ness, a party that expressly hates her for being trans*:

YouTube Rewind:

And it's L.A. centric (as it was made by the LA Gay and Lesbian Center), but a great recap of the year in queer news:

I'm putting together mine, so expect that soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Yule, Festivus and Hanukkah.  To help you get through this, two awesome version of "All I Want for Christmas Is You."  First up, in minor:

And secondly, by Steve Grand:

Or, if you'd like a video of a yule log, but need something nerdier, may I suggest the five hour version of the Darth Vader pyre from Return of the Jedi.

Ugh, Bill Donohue, crazed right-wing nut-job, credits his time in Pittsburgh, specifically his time with then Bishop Wuerl, as his reason for being involved with the hate group "Catholic League"

The fear of facts surrounding gun research.

What to expect in the second season of The Outs.

All the feels from Johnnie Walker's new ad:

It's a good theory, and it may be too much to hope for, but now that Disney owns LucasFilm, maybe there is a gay character in the Star Wars movies after all (spoilers).

The best (Bloopers) of Nerdist News this year.

NASA has released a new version of "Earthrise" and it's beautiful.

Emotional short film about the very real life faced by queers around the world.

The VERY not safe for work Deadpool trailer:

The Downton Abbey Christmas video, which is just a cool parade of guest stars!

Remember that time SpaceX made history and landed a rocket on their floating platform?  Yeah, it's amazing!

Surviving the World, again, hits it out of the park:

Straight people get a "dose" of torture: conversion therapy.

Six HIV+ people sit down and talk about stigma:

And speaking of HIV/AIDS, remember when the Ronald Reagan administration literally laughed as thousands died?  Yeah, remember, he's the conservative hero.

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon.  Year in Review wrap ups are coming soon!

Alright, November is coming to a close we're into December, so I'll have much more time to write here on the blog.

My old (sometimes current) stomping grounds of Farmington made it on the list of the most beautiful rural Pennsylvania towns.  Maybe because of the work I did there, or maybe because of a heavy emphasis on Nemacolin, but I just don't see it.  It does have it's charm, but just saying that it's close to Ohiopyle and Fallingwater, maybe those should have been listed instead.

Surviving the World hits it out of the park with two lessons: Here, and here.

TransParent season 2 is coming back.  It's the only show I've ever binge watched, and I couldn't recommend it any more highly:

And in that vein, five things that Transgendered people teach us.

And an amazing video of Trans* men talking about their chests.

Using VR to play D&D is a thing, or at least, going to be a thing.

Make sure you go to Google and search "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away."

Anti-gay bigots screamed that allow gays to marry would mean that (for some reason) the institution of marriage would collapse.  Well, turns out they are (surprise!) dead wrong.  Marriage rates (in 2014, the latest year with data) are up for the first time in years, and divorce rates are down.

A sneak peek of the new SyFy show, The Magicians.  It looks amazing!

See, spreadsheets are awesome!  Even J.K. Rowling uses them!

Beautiful Star Wars mugs, based on the locations in the series.

We're past World AIDS day, but here's a reminder that Ronald Reagan literally laughed at the death of thousands of gay men.

On the subject of "thoughts and prayers":


This is the most heartfelt tribute I've seen since the Paris attacks:

And you've probably seen this, verses from the Bible, but bystanders are told come from the Koran...

By the way, a lot of this craziness stems from this: white Christians are no longer a majority (population that is, still a majority of power), and a lot of this is the freak out to having to share.

Someone is replacing guns in Republican photos with dildos.  Awesome, and not safe for work (obviously).

The mic feed from Adele singing "Hello" on SNL is amazing.

Another day, another chance for Scalia to compare gay men to child abusers.

All Out is launching a site to track the alarming rise of "conversion therapy"

And just a reminder, the Republicans hate gay people.  Don't vote for them.

That's it for now, have a great one!