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Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, the obligatory remix of all the Superbowl commercials.  It wasn't a great year for the broadcast ads, but here you go:

Ragan Communications, which I greatly admire and love what they do, says it should be one space after a period.  I disagree.  Yes, it is an antiquated vestage of the typewriter era, but I still think it is good to have that extra space to reinforce the end of one complete thought and giving you a place to take a breath.  I'll keep fighting the good fight.

Awesome package designs.  I love the ketchup packets.

And the Gen Y photo of the day via Buzzfeed.

PA Rep Brian Sims has introduced a comprehensive bill to combat school bullying.  Hopefully it gets passed.

That's it for now, shorter update, but I'll be back with more soon.  Have a great one!

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Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up:

TNT is back with their stunts:

Musical port-a-potties.  Yes, you read that right.

Recordings are being made of Holocaust survivors, via hologram.  This is a great idea.

Physics defying amusement park:

Pantone color puns

Check out Google's new offices in Tel Aviv, pretty awesome.

Lego's pop culture riddles

A pen that tells you when you made a mistake.

External airbags to protect cyclists.

A museum is using special light bulbs to transmit data to people's phones:

Ordering snow via your phone (for Christmas)

This is a cool idea: bringing the beach into your office.

Beautiful wood cityscapes:

Sculptures that appear only when viewed in cylindrical mirrors

And finally, real life Mario Kart:

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Let's see what's come across in the world of ads:

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And we're back.  Here's what we have today.  First up, my new favorite song from Glee:

The Governor of Michigan admits that the war on unions doesn't benefit the workers.  Imagine that.

Really cool Walking Dead art installation, the fingers got cut off as the days counted down:

"Wait, I can do something.  There's injustice involving cake!"  More reasons to love Charm City Cakes.

Say goodbye to the iron, and hello to the cat.  This is why I only play Stars Wars Monopoly.

Speaking of Star Wars: Death Star lollipops:

It is sadly, now strange enough to print a newspaper, that it can be a reality show.

Awesome church sign of the day:

 That's it for today, have a great one!

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First up, I'm at a bit of a loss for words.  Remember how the Catholic Church is strangely concerned with all of our private bits and the sex that we have?  You know, with the "pro-life" stance and the marches and the protests and whatnot?  Well, they can change that position as soon as it's financially beneficial to them (you know, after basically killing the two children in this sad, sad story).

And just a reminder, open, legal, safe access to comprehensive health care (which includes abortion and family planning services), as well as marriage equality, results in more stable families.

People being awesome:

So now we can 3D print houses for use on the moon!  And of course, it's a Mobius strip, which is totally cool!

The Good Men Project is launching the Hacker Scouts.  Building rockets, small electronics, sounds like fun.  If you're in NYC, check it out.

The good Men Project also looks at the unthinkable: What if my son doesn't like Star Wars?

Too nerdy not to pass up:

 The original Batmobile sold for 4.2 million.

So, in Utah you can be fired for what your boss thinks your political affiliation is.  Crazy.

That's it for now, have a great one!

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I don't do this very often, but I have a flat-out product recommendation.

I was a kickstarter backer for an app called "Zombies, Run!"  You may have heard of it, I finally got the chance to use it, and I can't recommend it enough.

I've been using the weekends for strictly cardio at the gym, which is a nice change for me, and offers me some better people watching, so I loaded up some music and started the app.

The premise of the app is that you're a runner for the town of Abel in a zombie-infested world, although Mission one sets it all up.  You run out, collecting items the town needs and have to evade zombies.  Zombies will randomly pop up each mission and you have to run faster, otherwise you have to drop an item to distract them and get away.  The story is told to you between the music on your phone, and as you pick up items, you hear that over the music.

The voice acting is out of this world amazing and I've already become sucked into the story and the characters.

There is an "expansion" for couch to 5k, which I've done before, but I'd like to do it again, and it fits between missions one and two, so perfect for me.

I honestly wish I had more time at the gym during the week so I could do more missions, and I know the creators had said if it was a big enough success they would record a season two, so here's hoping.

I'll probably be adding a link to the sidebar, but until then, if you want to follow along and see my progress, check out my town here.

Zombies, Run! is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone (the c25k expansion is not yet available for Windows Phone, but at least in Google Play, it's on sale for a buck right now).

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Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, Carbolic Smoke Ball hits it out of the park.

Guns and comic books, covered here by Gutters.

On "Gun Appreciation Day," which, by the way, is horrid that it coincides with the MLK weekend, three different incidents of people being shot at gun shows.  But just be careful, the organization le pushing for this "appreciation day" are white supremicists.

A good piece on gun ownership, and how it scares me (I mean the author).  And in case you're wondering about assault weapons, check out Australia.

The best creative confessions:

Deadspin wins the Internet on how to react to Donald Trump.  And gifs come in.

GOProud, the LGBT Republican organization has finally come out to support marriage equality.  You should reread that.  January 18, 2013.  They just not think that marriage equality is worth fighting for.  Anyway, GOProud is a laughable group, trying to trick people into thinking the GOP actually cares about citizens.  And now they're outraged that they've become the laughing stock of the Internet.

Ancient riverbed discovered on Mars.  I just watched Star Talk on Nerdist where they talked about this!

That's it for now, but I'll be back with more soon, have a great one!

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Shorter post today, but let's see what we have.

First up, 40 bizarre interview questions.  Many of which, I'm pretty sure are illegal to actually ask, or base employment on.

A Game of Thrones line of beer is coming out, pretty awesome.

Heavy handed, but fun:

A recycling system that takes discarded plastic and turns it into 3D printer ink.

Want to go on a blind date?  Like right now?  OKCupid has you covered.

How to charge your phone without plugging it in.

Amazingly beautiful bioluminescent leaves:

And finally, the terrifying real examples of design jargon bullshit.

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Alright, first up, what's been playing non-stop for me.  Sadly, Swedish House Mafia is breaking up, but a good remix:

A great piece over at JoHo about mourning Aaron Schwartz

Hmmmm, more Star Wars movies, that will be running parallel to the next trilogy.

Funny or Die adds commentary to Jodie Foster's bizarre speech.

Fun facts about Morgan Freeman:

That's it for today, have a great one!

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