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If you can believe it, this past month has been so crazy, I'm looking forward to NaNoWriMo so I get some extra time.  Either way, here's a quick update before I get started on my tenth (!) year of NaNoWriMo.

First up, in case you missed it, the poster for Episode VII:

And here's a supercut of all the trailers put together:

And, just to demonstrate the genius that is John Williams, here is the trailer with only his music.

The most Star Wars coffee table ever.

Some beautiful, wooden, kinetic sculptures.

One of my favorite webseries, "The Outs," is coming back for a second season next year!

You guys, Pluto is beautiful:

I want to try this out next year for my jack-o-lantern (although this year I did Shy Guy from Nintendo, so it wouldn't have really fit).  Looks intense!

Using GPS on family member's phone to recreate the Weasley's clock from Harry Potter!

Todrick Hall does a great mash up of Lady Gaga:

Remember, kids.  The far right isn't really "pro-life" (I mean, they're really just anti-choice), they don't want you to have sex.  Except to make babies, but that's it!

The final Curtain Call for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, cued up to the group version of "Wig In a Box"

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon with more, promise.  Now it's off to the midnight kick-off for NaNoWriMo 2015!

Alright, fairly big update, it's been a while!  First up, 

Looking at Mary, and her "perfection" may not be all that good, at least not in the way we think.

Check out a great column about the actual affects of the Ashley Madison hack.  Not even discussed: the people put in jeopardy of being put to death: in some countries, "cheating" or being gay (AM ran a gay hook up site as well), is punishable by death, and now those people's information are out as well.

Right after the Ashley Madison hack, the feds raided the offices of Rentboy.  But should they have?  Matt Baume explains:

A useless but awesome machine: the perpetual slinky machine!

The naming system for Charon is awesome, it includes references to Serenity and Darth Vader

A Super Star Destroyer is bigger than you think.

And speaking of Star Wars, the poster for Episode VII is amazing:

How about some chewable coffee?  I know so many people who will want this!

Our robot overlords are coming, but they're going to start out adorable, like this Pixar Lamp robot!

The Deadpool trailer!

Arby's says goodbye to Jon Stewart, in such great ways!

And sadly, remembering Satoru Iwata:

If Disney princes had Grindr profiles.  Amusing, and all the puns!

An insane view of the Oval Office: with nothing in it (from when the floor was refinished).

The new trailer for Season 2 of Eastsiders has dropped, and it looks awesome.  Check out season 1, it's a great webseries!

The trailer for the final series/season of Downton Abbey is here, and it's all the feels:

Do you want to see graphs that break down stats about tv series finales?  Of course you do!

Finally, trans* service members will be able to openly serve starting in May, 2016!

The new single from Great Big World, my new jam:

Pennsylvania has introduced sweeping anti-LGBT discrimination legislation.  You know, because even though I can get married, I can be denied being served at any business (job protections are covered under recent federal rulings, but they're not permanent yet).  Hopefully it can finally pass, Pa. is the only state in the northeast without these kinds of basic protections.

Somewhat related: a new survey finds that a third of young Americans don't identify as completely straight.  Which makes sense, for years, the conventional thinking was that women's sexuality was more fluid, but recent studies have found that the same is true for men, but society pressured men to identify as straight.

Ignorant, hateful bakers in Oregon, who lost a lawsuit for refusing service to a gay couple and then smearing them (leading to death threats and harassment), have been raking in the money via crowdfudning (it's the normal cycle: do something illegal against the queer community, get fined, cry about it online and rake in the money from other bigots across the country).  Now, they're sending cakes to LGBT organizations....with copies of a DVD about how horrible LGBT people and protections are.  Fuckers.

For more information, let's once again hand it over to Jon Oliver, because he nails it, this is required viewing:

In case you missed it, the teaser for Zoolander 2.

Here is the latest list of the most homphobic colleges in the country, no surprise, Grove City tops the list, but I was surprised to see LeHigh and IUP on the list as well.

We joked while in Arizona about "the last cactus."  I think I found it:

That's it for now, have a great one!

All right, let's see what we have today.  First up, get the tissues.  This makes a great point, we'll never know what Matthew Sheperd would look like as an adult:

Message to Christians, stop acting like you're being persecuted:

It’s not that Christians will have to perform gay weddings or have to get gay married. It’s not that their churches will be burned down or that they will be imprisoned. They won’t lose their jobs and they won’t be followed down the street or be harassed for what they believed. They simply will not be able to impose their beliefs on others nor restrict the secular rights that are conferred onto marriages by our government. It takes a powerfully twisted mind to translate that into the feelings of persecution so intense that it brings them to tears.

An interactive graphic of biblical contradictions.

The latest trailer for the final Hunger Games movie.

An extended look at the new The Muppets show:

Teens are getting better at using contraception.

Glasglow Pride originally was not going to allow drag queens to perform.  After an outcry, they reexamined the issue, and made a really good apology.

From one of my new favorite blogs, the beauty of the Winter Mausoleum:

Marvel is doing a "color your own Deadpool" contest!

And for those who thought that Ohio Governor's Kasich quote from the Republican debate was so wonderful, not so fast.  We're not begging for scraps.  Basic dignity and acceptance should go without saying, any decent human can do that.  We deserve the same rights as everyone else:

But let's not confuse progress with praise until a candidate steps up to that podium and states, "Every citizen is created equal and, as President, I would make sure that everyone is treated equally." We should not and must not cheer for anything less.

Nick Jonas gets chained up to sing "Chains":

That's it for now, have a great one!

Alright, let's see what we have today.

First up, pay attention because this is really important.  Remember the anti-gay bakers that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple?  They got sued because of they harassed the couple, drug their name through the mud and released their contact information, leading to even more harassment and death threats.  They've been claiming that they're the real victims and have raised over $450,000 dollars (the fine was $135,000).  Likewise, a county clerk is Kentucky is refusing to do his job (by not issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples).  The governor has personally talked to him to tell him to either resign or do his job.  But he's claiming religious freedom.  Now we just wait to see how much money he'll raise for himself once he gets fired.  The cycle just keeps repeating.

I've been on my soapbox for years about the role institutionalized discrimination plays in the epidemic of youth LGBT suicides, and a Methodist pastor, fired for being gay, says the same thing.

Awesome bookends featured by Nerdist:

Republican Senators killed a bill aimed at decreasing bullying in schools.  Because they hate the gays.

A judge in Texas will follow the law and marry gay couples, but they have to sign a document saying the understand how much he hates them first.

The sculpture featured in the end credits of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" was a physical prop!

Checking into the American Horror Story: Hotel:

Coke puts six men in a dark room so they can talk.  It's been done before, but it's still a cool concept.

XKCD takes on the images of Pluto, and it's an awesome map!

The real price of being gay and belonging to an evangelical church.  Long, but worth a read.

Now it turns out that evangelicals had a third condition for their pet gay celibates: They had to reject gay sex, gay relationships, and gay marriage not just for themselves but for all gays and lesbians.

It's been a great few weeks for LGBT rights, first marriage equality, then added protections for LGBT seniors, the final vestige of Don't Ask Don't Tell coming down by allowing transgender servicemembers, and now, what is probably the biggest victor, and set to help more people in very practical ways than even marriage: employment protections:

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has ruled that existing civil rights law bars sexual orientation-based employment discrimination—a groundbreaking decision to advance legal protections for gay, lesbian, and bisexual workers.... The independent commission addressed the question of whether the ban on sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 bars anti-LGB discrimination in a complaint brought by a Florida-based air traffic control specialist against Transportation Sec. Anthony Foxx. The ruling—approved by a 3-2 vote of the five-person commission—applies to federal employees’ claims directly, but it also applies to the entire EEOC, which includes its offices across the nation that take and investigate claims of discrimination in private employment.

Make no mistake, this will end up before the courts, but this is a huge deal, one that we've been fighting for for even longer than marriage and has failed in every single session of Congress.  This is huge.

Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, this is the reel from Comic Con about Episode VII:

Earlier today I posted an article about my bishop.  Want to see some awesome drone footage of my church?  Of course you do!

The truth about the lawsuit against the anti-gay bakers in Oregon.  The payment is because they continuously harassed and then doxed the couple.  And in reality, refusing your service to a group of people is discrimination.  It is no different than a woman, African American or Irish American being denied to be served.  It's bigoted, and in Oregon, against the law.

The Pizza Hut box projector, genius!

My new favorite blog, Pittsburgh Cemeteries:

ESPN teamed up with Marvel to do a Superhero Body Issue!

A jury has found ex-gay "conversion therapy" to be guilty of fraud.  Awesome.

The smallest country in the world (population: 48) has marriage equality.  One small problem, there's no gay people.

Prepare to feel old: it's been 30 years since Clue (the movie) was released.

John Oliver takes on trans* issues.  Watch this:

And in the same vein, Google launched this ad:

Attention straight people, this is puppy play (also, I'm sure the picture accompanying this story is helping it's popularity).  This will take the straight world by storm in a few years.  Also, appropriate since Anthrocon is in town (but they're different!)

The Girl Scouts returned a donation of $100,000 after the donor specified it not go towards any trans* girls.  They then got twice as much donated from the internet.

AirBnB has a great new ad about travel issues and Pride month.  But it's a great examination of straight privilege:

Remember that time Republicans in Colorado voted to increase the number of abortions?  Remember, they're not anti-abortion, they're anti-sex.

Brian Sims rides a shark.  Because of course he does:

Some awesome ways to get around Australia's strangely-draconian marriage laws.

It's kind of a joke, but this is an awesome meditation (not safe for work):

That's it for now, have a great one!

Alright, quick update, let's see what we have today.

They wish we were invisible.  We're not.  Let's dance.  Joe My God's annual Pride post, worth the read.

Speaking of Pride, here's Target's video they released for Pride this year, really awesome and includes a clip from a great wedding video I love:

Shark killed in traffic accident.  Sad, but true.

Men who have sex with men are still barred from donating blood.  To protest this, an artist has created "Blood Mirror" a tank filled with the blood of gay and bi men:

Philea, the lander on the comet 67P, has woken up!

Alan Rickman and helium!

Mapping where in Africa it's illegal to be gay.

The evolution of Disney:

An economics professor explains how the Empire built the Death Star.  And, how many batteries would it take to run the Death Star?  Spoiler: A lot.

Wall-E is going to be a Lego set!  Adorable!

And finally, couples ask each other's questions in truth or drink:

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon, have a great one!

Let's see what we have today.  First up, proof that we're living in the future: a knife that toasts bread as it slices!

Arrested Development is coming back for a fifth season!

Republicans in Congress have stopped benefits for veterans.  Well, just the gay ones living in states without marriage equality.

Quite possibly the greatest mash-up of all time, Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black:

A look at "Midnighter" the relaunched superhero from DC.  I read the first issue and loved it, although the article gets one thing wrong, the app he's on is Scruff, not Grindr.

Jason Collins calls out Tony Dungy on his homophobia, and it's perfect.

THere's now a new X-Wing drone.  Awesome!

Derrick Gordon, a gay basketball player, is transferring to play for Seton Hall, and it's a big deal.

Maybe people honestly don't know this.  But gay men can look at each other when they have sex.  Now you know.

From before the Irish marriage vote, what would happen if we lost:

Laramie, Wyoming, home of Matthew Shepherd, finally passes LGBT protections.

Overall, the number of hate groups fell 17% last year.  But the number of anti-LGBT hate groups increased 10%.

I have to admit, I thought this had already passed.  The FDA is now proposing that men who have sex with men (their language), can donate blood if they abstain for a year.

And to everyone saying what Caitlyn Jenner did didn't take courage, read this post about a viral Facebook post dealing with the same.  Neither form of bravery is mutually exclusive, and hate helps no one:

That's it for now, have a great one!

Quick post, but some good stuff.  First up, with June starting tomorrow, it's Pride month.  Here's Dan Savage's guide to straight people enjoying pride festivals:

I think the message in Pride for straight people–and why I think straight people should go–is that there should be more than one way to be a straight person too. That there is a script written for straight people about how you’re supposed to live your life and who you’re supposed to be and that script is confining and stultifying and restricting and straight people to need to break out of that. I think what a lot of straight people leave with is ‘Wow, there’s so many ways to be queer maybe I can conceive of perhaps a different way to be straight.’

A bunch of friends built mini-houses all together, creating "Bestie Row"

Something I've always wondered, why are there so many Penn Stations?  Which, coincidentally, was on my bus stop when I took it downtown!

I saw this going around those close to me in age, and it sums us up perfectly: The Oregon Trail generation.  Not Gen X'ers, not Millenials.  Somewhere lost in between.

And finally, we celebrated Harvey Milk Day by volunteering here in Pittsburgh.  To commemorate, one of my favorite quotes:

Quick update today, more to come later.  Also, I'm not sure what's going on with the videos, I'm looking into it, hopefully I can get the embedded youtube to work again soon!

First up, Jurrasic World is doing a promotion with Barbasol Shaving Cream, which is awesome!

Get ready for all the feels, here's the trailer for "Batkid Begins"

Soooooo, Earth has a Death Star.  The ISS might be getting a laser to destroy Alderaan space junk.

Magnum's (the ice cream bar, not the condom) new ad features drag queens and other gender-nonconforming members of society, and it's awesome.  Points for having Willam in there!

The actor who played Neville Longbottom is the Harry Potter movies has grown up into a hunk.  Seriously.  And his twitter exchange with J.K. Rowling is hilarious!

 A waste of life anti-gay pastor is...surprise!  Actually gay himself!  He's a top and loves to cuddle, by the way.  But why the extra vitriol?  Because in a counseling session, he told a teenage boy struggling with his own gay identity that he should kill himself.  Normally, I don't think anyone should be outed, we should all be able to come out on our own terms, but when an anti-gay person uses their power to take away the rights of their own community, they deserve the full wrath of the mob.  And this guy in particular with the whole suicide thing.


See also: The Catholic Church

And in awkwardly ironic news, that time Jim Bob Duggar, when running for office, after his son had already confessed molesting his sisters, called for the death penalty for those who commit incest.  I guess those who rally against things that hard really are hiding something.  But all in all, my heart breaks for the victims and I hope they can get some actual counselling, not whatever psycho bullshit their parents are giving them.

Sorry to end on such a down note, but I"ll be back with more soon, have a great one!

Quick update, but I'll be back with something more substantial very soon.  But first up, here's all the new TV that I'm excited about.  First up, The Muppets:

Next up, it's not coming out until 2016, but SyFy's The Magicians looks amazing (although I don't like how Brakebills looks, but otherwise, I'm very impressed):

And lastly, the sitcom based on Dan Savage's life: The Real O'Neil's.  Honestly, it looks like it could go either way, but I"m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and hope that it turns out well.

Speaking of Dan Savage, here's a great piece about his idea of the "sexual hierarchy:" What/who you think about/want to do, what/who you do, what/who you tell people you do.  The more in concert those three are with each other, the happier and more comfortable you are with your sexuality.

The Good Men Project calls the GOP out on their hypocrisy.

Ireland made history yesterday by voting, in a public referendum, to amend their constitution to bring marriage equality by a 2-1 margin!  And if you want to have some faith in humanity restored, this article describes #HomeToVote: Ireland does not have absentee ballots, so Irish ex-pats flew from around the world to vote Yes on the marriage question.  Congrats to Ireland, hopefully the US joins you in June!