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Alright, let's see what we have today.

10 examples of straight privilege.  Although number five is true in practicality, not legally true.  A business could decide to fire all their straight employees, but it's never happened.

Federal Court rules that Title IX protects trans* students.  This is a really big and important legal victory!

SalesForce put together an awesome thank you ad to Georgia after their governor vetoed their horrific anti-gay law:

A side-by-side comparison of Star Wars VII and the original trilogy.

A follow-up from a previous zen video: now you can watch a tower of 7,000 matches burn.

Ever wondered what a 'nerf' is?  As in 'scruffy-looking nerf-herder'?  Wonder no more.  Space bison, really.

One of my favorite comedians has a show coming to Netflix (that I had no idea about) and I couldn't be more excited:

A note for NaNoWriMo, the Oatmeal covers how to be a writer

Stunning renaissance-style art from The Legend of Zelda.

The road to Captain America: Civil War:

Harry Potter meets the Force Awakens.

Have you ever wanted to call someone in Sweden?  Now you can!  And there's a local (or at least long distance, not international) number for the US!

The Star Wars: Rogue One trailer looks awesome, and the music is spot on!

The absolute best thing in sports right now (I mean, besides the Pens):

That's it for today, have a great one!

Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, a great write-up over at That's Church about the racism here in Pittsburgh.

And speaking of, the writers at Very Smart Brothas take on Wendy Bell.  Please read this.

And speaking of privilege, 11 privileges we don't realize we have as cis-gendered people.

And how society contributes to LGBT mental health issues.

Speaking of, the epidemic of anti-gay violence is so bad in Dallas, the police force is training volunteers to help them patrol.

Two of my favorite singers, Eli Lieb and Steve Grand teamed up to give you all the feels.  Also, they shot this video the day after Eli Lieb broke up with his boyfriend.  Ouch:

Okay, how about something strangely relaxing to wash away all that heavy at the beginning of the post.  Watch 6,000 matches burn.

Um, does she just not see the hypocrisy here?  I mean, it's Sarah Palin, so no.  No she does not.

Harry Reid takes down the Republican establishment who pretends to be bewildered why their decades long stoking of hate towards women, gays, immigrants, the poor and other minorities resulted in Donald Drumpf.

Samantha Bee talks to well educated Drumpf voters.  It doesn't go well.

Over at Better Book Titles, they nail it on the head:

This turned out to be an April Fool's joke, which is really sad.  American Eagle shouldn't be making fun of men's body image issues, but that's what they did.

That's it for today, have a great one!

One of my recurring posts.  Happy Easter!

Today is Mr. Roger's birthday!  Easily one of the greatest person to have ever lived.  Case in point, 16 amazing quotes from him, and it doesn't even start to scratch the surface:

And since it's snowing on the first day of spring, a reminder that we have a "National French Toast Alert System."

I just finished Jessica Jones, but here is the trailer for season 2 of DareDevil.

A tribute to the late, great, Satoru Iwata.

The cast of Hamilton performed two songs at the White House, and of course it was amazing!

Ellen Page's new series, "Gaycation."  It's a great look at queer rights and culture around the world.  A great show, and the segment at the end is both heart-wrenching and academically interesting:

That's it for now, have a great one!

Alright, quick update today, first up, it was just Super Mario Day (Mar10)!  Here's a great roundup of some projects you can do to decorate your home.

Or, if you want to read some science on the subject, check out this roundup which covers gravity, evolution and flora and fauna of Mario's world.

Steve Grand's new video (and remix) of "We Are the Night:"

A tribute to the end of Mythbusters.

I have to give the Pope credit, he made a new, stronger call for the end of the death penalty!

An amazing map of the US from xkcd:

We may have won marriage at the Supreme Court, but states are still trying to get around it, and are also proposing horrific new laws under the guise of religious freedom.

And in their rush to do so, many are just now realizing the laws proposed, like the one in Georgia, actually helps the KKK.

At Nancy Reagan's funeral, Hillary Clinton mentioned that the Reagan's helped start a national conversation about AIDS.  Which is totally wrong.  President Reagan's utter silence on the subject for five years led to over half a million deaths.  And, rightfully so, Hillary was raked over the coals for the comment.  Read Dan Savage's piece here and learn the history of the republican ignorance on the subject.  She did go on to apologize, and that was quick, and I think heartfelt.  And for once, it's nice to hear a politician just say that she was wrong and apologize.  But I think this will have some lasting impact (at least until the next news cycle).

But just as important as it is to call politicians out on their shit like this, we do have to realize that when they come around, we have to accept that, and then continue to press on them for more issues.  I may be an idealist, but I'm also pragmatic, sometimes to a fault.

That's it for tonight, have a great one!

Alright, let's see what we have today, first up, Deadpool is a Hufflepuff!  Because we're the best!

The SD governor vetoes a horrible anti-trans bill after meeting actual trans* person.  That's the big lesson from gay liberation, that knowing a gay person changes people's hearts and minds because we're not a scary abstract anymore.  Good on the governor.

"Pretty but tough, like a diamond.  Or beef jerky in a ball gown."  Titus is now actually selling Pinot Noir.

The first official trailer for Finding Dory (that's not a teaser):

I'd never celebrate the fact that a person died, but it's really nice that Justice Scalia is no longer in a position to harm people any more.  And as a refresher, here's seven of his most homophobic moments.

Also, in the department of common sense, the GOP relies on racism to win elections.

Sadly, the creator of R2D2 has died.

Maybe the best headline ever:

An anti-gay politician claimed he has gay friends.  So a journalist did the right thing and asked to speak to them.  Surprise!  They don't exist!

I had no idea there was going to be a sequel to Mary Poppins, but Lin-Manuel Miranda is going to star in it!

A new fun tumblr about working in the IT department at Hogwarts.

That's it for now, have a great one!

Let's see what we have today. first up, this shirt sums up my relationship with running, while I'm running:

The IOC has lifted the ban on trans* athletes, which is awesome to see.

32 queer Mormon youth have killed themselves since the church unveiled their new anti-gay policies (in November).  Let me repeat that: 32 youth have killed themselves.

Orange is the New Black has been renewed through season 7!

Thanks to Adam for sending me this.  "Hamilton," via the medium of Peeps:

The best fan fiction (or is it canon since it comes from a Lucasfilm employee?): General Hux's cat.

OK Go's new zero-G music video.

The Federal Trade Commission has been asked to ban gay-conversion therapy/torture, a novel way to get this dangerous practice outlawed.

I can't vote in the primary (I'm an Independent), but I love that Mayor Fetterman is using the fact that he believes in love in a campaign ad:

Beautiful, and out of stock, leather-bound Harry Potter books, and the included bookmarks are the horcruxes!

Mika has a new video for "Hurts"

The heartbreaking trailer for the new series, Gaycation:

That's it for now, have a great day!

Let's see what we have today.  First up, the performance from the Grammy's, the opening number of "Hamilton"

Here's the video honoring Dupuis for his Dapper Dan Courage Award.

Samantha Bee proves that I should have cable:

The only other reason I want cable, is The Magicians.  Here, we see Quentin dancing to "Shake it off" trapped in his own you do.

Okay, another video, but in case you missed it, the Super Bowl halftime show, which I liked.  I really like Chris Martin's shirt!

If scientists don't name this "The Cheers Affect," then I've lost all hope.

If the character on Supernatural were on Tinder.  Hey, Sam.

Hey look, an anti-gay congressman in Grindr, who would have thought that would ever happen?  Wait, everybody?  Got it.

And finally, a T-Rex doing an American Ninja Warrior-esque workout, just because:

Alright, let's see what we have today.  First up, it didn't make it to Broadway, but there was a stage version of Disney's "Hunchback of Notre Dame," which is my all-time favorite Disney movie.  Here is a preview of the cast recording:

And here is a clip of "Out There"

So there's all kinds of conservatives decrying Donald Trump's sustained leading in the polls.  But just remember, this is what the modern republican party has always stood for, he's just shouting it, instead of whispering and implying it.

It looks like the IOC will adopt trans*-friendly policies, not requiring surgery for athletes to compete as the gender they are.

And speaking of sports, a spin off of Ben Cohen's foundation was recently formed to help and accelerate US athletes coming out of the closet.

One of the things I'll miss the most next year will be Joe Biden no longer being VEEP.  Case in point, his blistering take down of anti-LGBT policies.

I don't know anything about Suicide Squad, but this is an awesome trailer.  The music, the editing, the colors, simply awesome:

Protect Thy Neighbor is tracking anti-LGBT laws proposed across the country.  Even though we have marriage, we still lack very basic civil rights.

One such push is for "bathroom bills."  Here's how one trans-woman describes the excruciating process of peeing.

And here's another perspective on the "Religious Freedom" bills popping up all over the place.

And a totally heartbreaking story from Australia: One man in a couple on their honeymoon dies, and Australia refuses to recognize their marriage.

Okay, that ended up pretty depressing, go watch the videos again, that will make it better!

I hope everyone is enjoying their snow day!  Let's see what we have today.  First up, I've talked about it quite a bit, here's a clip from "Hamilton":

Ben Carson says that gay people are ruining life for everyone else.  Sorry, not sorry.

Sent to me by a friend, and it's totally true: 12 reasons Hufflepuffs are actually badass.  You just won't hear us say so.

Lana Wachowski is in the new campaign for Marc Jabocs and it looks so awesome and fun!

A bunch of different sects of Christianity are trying to set one common date for Easter.  Granted, they've been trying since the 10th century, but this time it might work, you guys!

Galavant is back for another season, and I'd like to thank the show for this number:

The EEOC again backs that workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation is sex discrimination, bolstering the case.

That's actually it for now, I'm trying to go through some old links and keep things manageable, so I'll be back with more soon!