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Bowser's Blog: Fell in the lava again.

First up today, Pascal Duquis writes for The Player's Tribune, a beautiful essay entitled "Why We Play the Game," as we head into Game 1.

Check out this beautiful new clock/bluetooth speaker that uses the night sky to help you tell time!

Also in beautiful, nerdy news, the vinyl soundtrack for Star Wars VII has holograms that display when it spins!

The teaser for the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast:

The Babel Fish from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe has been created!  Which means you can have a conversation with someone speaking another language!

The trailer for the latest Robert Langdon movie, Inferno, has dropped.  I'm glad that they skipped The Lost Symbol, it was the weakest of the books.

Post-Modern Jukebox hits it out of the park with My Heart Will Go On:

Anti-trans* activists admit that they don't like trans* people because of religion, which is the reasoning behind their legal actions.

While I don't really like the game, it's cool to see this record setting game of Carcassonne, using over 10,000 pieces of map!

A beautiful Legend of Zelda themed desk: