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Police impounded the lawn mower for 28 days.

Quick update, I'll most likely be back later this weekend, but for now, stay cool and enjoy what I've found today.  We're heading into the Stanley Cup Finals, and it's been such a great ride.  And the Penguins have been playing Mario Kart during intermission on the ice!  Ride, Mario Kart, it's a pun!

The trailer for Finding Dory:

Last month marked the final issue of the latest run of DC's Midnighter, it's a causality in their new something-or-other event that is throwing most of their titles back to square one (I don't follow comics that much, so I can't explain it, sorry).  But Midnighter, aside from being beautifully drawn and well written, was the gay icon we needed:

This is a book I needed when I was younger, and for people to have it now, in the next generation, is my greatest accomplishment of all.”

It is a shame, although it was not cancelled because it's led by a gay character, just economics and the reality that it's really, really hard to launch new mainstream comic books that aren't about the regulars everyone already knows about.  But what I find really sad, is that it is the only comic from Marvel or DC fronted by a gay character.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Movies and TV shows) has been going on since 2008.  In that time (unless I"m missing someone) we've had one gay character who was in three episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. before he was written out.  Not to mention we've yet to have a movie starring a woman (Captain Marvel releases in 2019, but what ever happened to the Black Widow movie?  We did have two great seasons of Agent Carter, but that has been cancelled.) and we're just now getting to having one led by an actor of color (Black Panther, 2018).

Deadpool is supposed to be pansexual, and while Ryan Reynolds has said many times he'd like him to have a male love interest, the only times in the movie (which I loved by the way) they could have brought up his sexuality, they turned to tired homophobic jokes about how he didn't want to be pegged by his girlfriend.  There's now a 'strong chance' we'll see an LGBT character in the MCU, but seriously, this is the best we can do?

I wrote all of that, then I was reminded of the Netflix shows, where there is a prominent lesbian couple in Jessica Jones and Daredevil (season 2), and rumor is the one character will be the first to be in all five Netflix shows.  So we've got one!

We've come a long way, but we still have a long way to go (I'll be writing about the Padres next time as well), but it's important to keep the pressure on for these things.  Gay kids are everywhere and into a myriad of interests (sports, comic books, etc), we need to make sure that each one sees themselves and a better future in their interests, to give them hope.

Okay, one last bit on my soapbox, an amazing picture of a gay couple in Melbourne, a beautiful look at our community as we fight the tide of the world, together:

The death of David Bowie has a hit to queer and oddball white kids.  Frank Ocean says (sweetly and sadly) that the death of Prince is the same, but for people of color.

Are gay men more masculine that straight men?  Science (and language) say yes:


In case you missed it, Loretta Lynch's powerful speech on trans* rights in response to HB2.

And speaking of HB2, I'm not a fan of her, but Megyn Kelly does some great work here while interviewing the governor of North Carolina.

Okay, that's it for now, but I'll be back soon!