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just tell em that we need season passes but can't afford real ones because of the baby that's on the way

Lots of fun things, let's see what I have today.

First up, this has been making it's rounds, but check out the Drama Button:

Canada is awesome.  Case in point: glow in the dark, dinosaur quarters.  I know, right?!

Just remember kids, this is me:

I think parts of it look a little sloppy, and they got weird dialogue from him, but check out the awesome R2D2 cake:

Copyranter has boccie ads:


Next time, they need to at least use a tripod, but the new world-record for Rube Goldberg machines, from Purdue Engineering:

And lastly, Funny or Die hits it out of the park with this awesome (and NSFW) video (which I can't embed, sorry).

That's it for now, I'll be back soon with more!